Information Security Strategy & Design

Giving you a better security posture

Get expert guidance to help reach your goals faster by:

  • Understanding your security risks and gaps

  • Planning your future security investments and initiatives

  • Getting started with a regulatory compliance effort

  • Migrating areas of your network or business to the cloud

  • Storing large amounts of sensitive data

  • Consolidating IT systems in a merger or acquisition

Information Security Assessment

Analyzing the maturity of your information security program (gaps, weaknesses and opportunities)

Our Approach:

  • Depending on your chosen service option, this consulting service is conducted remotely or onsite at your location.

  • We work with you to review the current state of your security posture and evaluate it against widely-accepted best practices and frameworks like NIST CSF and ISO 27001.

  • We deliver recommendations and measures for improvement, with an expert advisor factoring in your business objectives, appetite for risk, security culture, budget, industry, internal security policy, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.

Data Governance

Evaluating compliance based on regulatory and industry requirements (NIST, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, ISO, COPA)

When evaluating the automation of their compliance initiatives, organizations need to focus on three key tasks:

  • Assess

  • Audit/alert 

  • Remediate

Project kick-off

  • Discussion of goals, expectations, contacts, and review of the project plan and timeline. Typically spans three days to 2.5 weeks.

Information gathering

  • A documentation review and interviews with stakeholders responsible for aspects of your security management.

Review & analysis

  • Assessment of your IT security controls, gaps, and deficiencies compared to relevant frameworks, best practices, and regulatory requirements.

Report delivery

  • A final report with recommended priorities and guidance to help mitigate risk and minimize exposure with approximate levels of difficulty and effort.